CableguyTK : Streaming Windows Media has met its match
Its a great download manager which downloads streaming media better than every other download manager.
It downloads the following protocols to my knowledge: mms://, .asx, .asf, streaming WMV. That is all I have fed it as far as streaming content goes.
It also downloads normal content that isnt streaming.

quickcommenter : Terrific for saving streaming media!
If you're looking for a way to save those RealMedia or Windows MediaPlayer streams (audio or video), look no further. This product does the job superbly!

Mike Den : This is a very good product!
It can record RealMedia and windows Media streaming with multi-threads, marvelous download speed. I also love the URL Helper, it is a excellent tool, if you want to capture streaming media, you MUST try it.

j-r0829 : Works better than DAP!
Download speed at the very highest speed it could have... upto 30kbps download speed for 56k ... how much more on dsl.




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