Support - Just one-click, download stream video

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Step 1: When you first run the HiDownload Platinum, you are asked to start sniffer.

Step 2: select the "Yes", HiDownload Platinum will check the available network adapter and start sniffer.

Step (1) If HiDownload Platinum can not find the available network adapter, then all network adapter list window will be opened.

Step (2): select the adapter which you connect to Internet, then click the "Select the network adapter and startup sniffer" button

Step 3: Sniffer has been launched, and began to monitor the network data.

Step 4: Open the webpage and play the video which you want to download.

Step 5: If Sniffer detect the video's link, it will be shown in list

Step 6: HiDownload Platinum will download automatically the stream video.

If HiDownload Platinum do not download automatically, you can select the link, and click mouse right-button, then select "Download selected URLs" menu to download it.


If you unselected "Always ask whether to start sniffer when HiDownload run", then you can select it from "Options" windows.

If you want to download youtube video, then you do not need the sniffer, read: "How to download youtube video"




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