Build-in URL Sniffer

Most websites only need to copy the video playback link, and HiDownload can directly analyze the video or audio link and download it directly. However, there are still audio and video links on some websites that cannot be analyzed. At this time, you need a more professional sniffer tool to help you analyze the audio and video links before downloading. HiDownload makes a built-in sniffer, the sniffer can not only obtain the audio and video connection of http protocol, but also obtain the connection of https protocol. The built-in sniffer in HiDownload needs to use mitmproxy. This article introduces how to install mitmproxy.

MitmProxy is also packaged in the installation package of HiDownload (Phoenix) 10.0, and MitmProxy is installed while installing HiDownload.

The following 3 steps teach you how to complete the configuration of mitmproxy. After configuration, you can analyze the audio and video connection in HiDownload.

Step 1: Run MitmDump

Open the "command prompt" window and execute "mitmdump.exe"

Step 2: Open Proxy Server

(1) Open "Settings -> Network & Internet -> Proxy"

(2) Open "use a proxy server" on-off

(3) Input "Address:", "Port: 8080", and "Use the proxy server ... entries:;*.local"

(4) Click "Save" button

Step 3: Install CA Certificate

(1)Open the "command prompt" window and execute "mitmweb.exe"

(2)select "File -> Install Certificates..." menu

(3)click "Windows (Get mitmproxy-ca-cert.p12)" and download the file.

(4)After downloading the file, run it, and execute it step by step until the end to complete the configuration, watch the video for details.

Step-By-Step video guide: